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At UroHard we are sensitive to the discreet and private nature of penile enhancement. As a urological practice for more than 20 years, we are accustomed to patient confidentiality and treating conditions related to the human genitalia.

Our board-certified urologist performs a minimally invasive procedure to enlarge the penile shaft, the penile glans, the scrotum, and lengthening the penis. This technique was developed by Dr. Victor Loria using a proprietary filler that stimulates production of your own collagen resulting in permanent enhancements. This minimally invasive procedure is safer than other methods that are available today. No general anesthesia is needed to perform these procedures.



The purpose of male enhancement is to make the genitalia bigger. Why would a man want to make his penis bigger? Let’s face it, the phenomenon Big Dick Energy (BDE) is real and it gives unbelievable confidence. A study conducted by the Australian National University revealed that women find men with bigger penises more attractive.

The vaginal canal and anal canal are similar structurally and neurologically. It is well known that stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot lead to orgasm. However, the vagina has a complex network of nerves. A bigger penile girth will stimulate more intense and frequent orgasms because all four walls of the vagina will be stimulated simultaneously.

When a man provides a more gratifying sexual experience not only to himself, but also to his partner, he has more self-esteem and confidence. This is what we at UroHard like to call BDE. BDE is when a person emits an aura of confidence without arrogance.

Other Penile Enhancement Procedures

– Not Offered by UroHard

Alloderm™ or Belladerm™ is processed human skin that is sterilized for topical skin grafting or for implant use. When this product is used as a male enlargement filler agent, it involves surgery by stitching this human skin into the penile shaft, a very invasive medical procedure. Alloderm™ or Belladerm™, surgery also comes with the all the risks associated with surgery such as infections and tissue damage. This product may dissolve and break into pieces over a few years. These pieces may ‘float’ under the skin and become very unstable and feel very unnatural. In addition, there are limitations to how much Alloderm™ or Belladerm™ can be placed under the penis skin, thus limiting the potential size increases you may seek to gain.
Artefil™ or Bellafil™, is an FDA approved cosmetic filler medication used primarily for facial augmentation. This material can be used, in an off-label fashion, for penile enlargement, however, in the United States, it is cost-prohibitive and is not necessarily better than other available alternative fillers.
Dermal grafting is considered the most invasive surgical procedure as compared to all male enhancement procedures available today. The dermal grafting procedure involves the grafting of your own skin. This is often performed by surgically removing skin from the lower abdominal or buttocks, processing it to remove the hair follicles, then surgically placing it in the penile shaft. There is a surgical risk of infection and trauma at the skin grafting sites and poor healing. Also, if this skin graft is not processed properly, hair may grow under the penile skin resulting in inflammation and infections. Lastly, these grafts may disintegrate over time and behave just like the Alloderm™ graft potentially breaking into pieces and ‘floating’ under the penile skin.
Fat graft transfer is considered one of the better choices for surgical penile enlargement but is not superior to the minimally invasive Permanent Dermal Filler Injection procedure. Fat transfer is a surgically invasive procedure involving liposuction of fat from the stomach/belly area. After harvesting the fat, the fat graft material is surgically placed into the subcutaneous area of the penile skin. Some of the potential issues and risks associated with this procedure are lumpiness of the penis, infection, tissue damage, poor healing, and the fat may move down to the base of the penis causing the penis to look deformed.
 Another type of male enhancement procedure available in many countries involves the insertion of a large piece of silicone prosthesis under the penile shaft skin. This involves major invasive surgery requiring general anesthesia. This type of surgery carries not only the same surgical risks as all the other surgical procedures but adds additional risks such as a higher rate of infection and scarring. Also, when a foreign body is surgically implanted there is risk for erosion where the implant erupts or breaks through the skin over time. If this eruption of the implant were to occur, the entire silicone prosthetic implant will need to be removed and the patient will need to be placed on antibiotics to prevent infection. There are limitations to the gains in size that can be achieved. Inserting a foreign body that is too large increases the risk of erosion and complications.

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